New Plox!
New Tenko King!

Tenko Plox

In the last four years, I've gone from being a solo cartoonist, to hiring a business manager, to growing Toonhound Studios into a virtual community of like-minded talented cartoonists all working hard to create compelling content every single day. We work together, we work on our own seperate projects. We support each other and we team up to be greater than we could be if we were just drawing alone in our own homes.

Tenko King and Plox are the creations of two of our closest colleagues, Tavis Maiden and Steve Hamaker.

Both of these gentlemen are running Kickstarters to turn all their hard work over the last year into a physical book. They invested in themselves, and put in the sweat-equity. Now they'd like to be able to pick up a physical tome, feel the weight of it, and say "we made this." It's something they'd like to share with you and I think you should take a second (if not first) look at what they're doing.

Tenko King, by Tavis Maiden is an all ages family adventure about a boy named Flip leaving his village for the first time as he learns to survive in a land of monsters and magic.

Plox, by Steve Hamaker, is a moving examination of how the anonimity of the internet is transforming the way we relate to people, through the subcultre of gaming.

Please help us by supporting these artists and in the process, discover two new worlds you never even knew existed. You'll be enriched for it, I promise.