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Family Matters

PAX South was a wonderful show. I want to thank each and every person who came up to our booth, stopped us in the halls, or waved at us from across the street. It was a first year show, but it felt like coming home to see old friends. Can't wait to see how this show grows in the coming years.

The con was a family affair for me. Angela flew in, and so did Cory (we adopted him). Meanwhile, my brother and his wife drove from Dallas with my father and niece. So the entire Kurtz clan was there. And that made the show extra special.

My dad is an impressive guy. He sat at the booth with us each day for the entire day. Once he knew how to get to the con from the hotel, he was the first one to the table. And he never complained. He stood up to shake hands, and he paid very close attention to what we were selling. He had a lot of questions too. He frequently requested sales reports to see how things were stacking up compared to the sales the day before. At one point he felt he needed a nap so he just took one right at the booth in his chair. Like a boss.

He was also charming as hell on our panel. My brother and I talked for an hour with my dad about growing up, gaming, our struggles with his divorce and his rehab after his stroke. We laughed, busted each other's balls and entertained the crowd, so I call that a win. Dad was really funny. If you're interested, recorded the panel and you can watch it here.

A lot of people who attended the panel had comments about it the next day. It ranged from "I know your pain, I'm raising my parents too" to "If I ever talked to my dad THAT WAY he'd disown me." Dad turned to me at one point and said "I think everyone liked it. They saw that there's a lot of love in our family." I hope so. We aren't like many families I've come across. We're German/Italian and we're loud and we don't keep many feeling secret. I hope the love comes across. We laughed on stage about things that are quite serious and could make people cringe. I get that. But like my dad says "If you don't laugh at that stuff, you'll cry."

Everything is so differnet now, but better. My little brother is a father. I'm an uncle. Regean's a mom. Angela and I are coming up our 19th wedding anniversary. In the last 19 years, my dad has survived heart surgery, losing a wife, a cancer scare a stroke and a divorce. And he's still laughing and crying and appreciating life. I like being here. I love my life and my family. I like being this age. I'm grateful.

Ever grateful.

And PAX East is only weeks away.