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Please Cosplay Us

As we wrap up 2014 and begin the planning process for our 2015 convention tour, we at PvP and Table Titans have a request for you, dear readers:

Please cosplay us.

We're going to be exhibiting at five conventions next year and we want to see you come by our booth, dressed as one of our characters. Nothing would make us happier. And if you do come by our booth dressed as one of our characters, I'll draw a sketch of the character you're dressed up as, FOR FREE! (that's a $50 value)

I'll be personally appearing at five shows in 2015: Pax South, Pax East, Emerald City Comicon, Gencon and Pax Prime.

If your cosplay plans this year don't involve our characters, please stop by the booth anyway to say hello. We love talking costume design, especailly since one of us is married to a hollywood costume designer (Shana Targosz, designer of my Binwin Bronzebottom costume).

There's a lot of negative talk floating around right now that cosplay is hurting comic book conventions. Don't listen to that bullshit. What's actually happening is that geek-culture and pop-culture are merging. As that happens, comic book conventions are shifting from niche comic-art shows to bigger media spectacles. Some pros are going to have issues with that until they can re-adjust and find their footing again. Change is scary and when people get scared they say really stupid shit. There are plenty of comic-art festivals to attend if you want to surround yourself with a comic-art oriented audiences. I love those shows. I want to attend more in the future. The Billy Ireland Museum in Columbus is a must-see for me in 2015, and I would be surprised to see a cosplayer there. But when I'm at PAX or ECCC, I want pop-culture craziness. I want costumes and comics and games and a chance to tell Karen Allen that she was the BOMB in Starman. We can have both. We can enjoy BOTH.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you are attending a con, be kind and respectful to cosplayers. They are fellow attendees, just like you. They love the same comics, movies, books and tv shows you do. So much so that they worked tirelessly for months on their costume so they could express that love. Just because they are in costume does not mean they stop being real people. Treat them with the same respect you want people to treat you with. I can't believe I have to write this and tag it bold.

Please come see us in 2015. And wear something FANCY!