Farty Troll Plush Really Farts
Toonhound at Gen Con

Gen Con 2015

Toonhound Studios is going to GenCon!

GenCon Map

We’ll be set up in booth 2337 (listed as Table Titans in the program). You’ll find myself and the whole Table Titans crew there (Steve, Cory, and Brian). YAY! We’ll have some new stuff for sale at the show. Val vinyls and Farty Troll plushes as well as our usual assortment of goodies: Tee shirts, playmats, adventurer’s kits, Beholder dice bags, etc. Of course, if you're not able to make it to the show you can still get all this merch online at

We’re also taking commissions too! Steve Hamaker and I will be starting a commission list, I’ll be drawing and inking while Steve colors. We’ll have prices at the show.

Gencon 2015

Meanwhile, Tavis Maiden will be holding down the fort here with an all new PvP story. Dylan and I wrote something special for Tavis to illustrate, featuring Francis encountering a ghost from the past. You’re going to love it.

See you in Indy!